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Today we concluded a 3 week series in our Children’s Ministry called Grapple. We encouraged kids to “grapple” with some tough questions about God. These are the 4 questions we asked our kids to consider….

  1. Where Did God Come From?
  2. How Can God Be Everywhere?
  3. Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?
  4. Is There Anything God Can’t Do?


During these 3 weeks we adults admitted to the kids that these are tough questions for adults too and we don’t always have answers to these questions. We also took a break from the normal Sunday school routine where a scripture passage is studied and applied to our lives. Instead we asked these questions then looked up various passages in the Bible that might help us when considering these questions. Although this was a challenging series it started some great conversations. It was fun to grapple!



I’m guessing that most people are familiar with Veggie Tales and their creator Phil Vischer. I’ve had the awesome privilege of hearing his story through a couple of different venues. It’s an incredible story!!! I came across an article he wrote for the International Network of Children’s Ministry and wanted to pass it on to you. If you have a few moments check out this link!


CPC 2009 #2

As the final full day of Children’s Pastors Conference winds down I had the opportunity to do some serious networking with other children’s ministry workers. This morning I attended a focus group with several other children’s workers who are in similar churches as I am. It was great to hear from them and see what was going on in their church. Following the focus group I attended a workshop and learned how to balance a ping pong ball on my nose. (So be looking for that in Bible Theatre in the near future:) One of the things I was hoping to get some info on was producing my own podcasts for our kids and families of Kids Cor. Another conference attendee overheard me talking about this and pulled me aside. He gave me all the info I needed to get this started which got me excited. All in all it was a very productive day!!


CPC 2009

This week I am attending the Children’s Pastors Conference in Nashville Tennessee. I am so grateful that our church leaders allow us to attend this conference. This conference has about 2,000 people here and we get to attend multiple general and breakout sessions and get to check out a very impressive resource center. Today I attended 3 breakout sessions one of which was about the current trends in Children’s Ministry. Here are some of the current trends in Children’s Ministry right now.

  1. Kids Are Digital Natives: How do we reach kids who are plugged in 24/7?
  2. Family Ministry: How do we empower families to be involved in the spiritual formation of their kids?
  3. Safety First: What are we doing to ensure our ministry is both safe and secure?
  4. Experience Required: Children learn best by doing, how can make sure our ministry is experiential?



Operation Christmas Child

This past week I had the opportunity to pack some shoeboxes and send them off to a local collection area. For those of you not familiar with Operation Christmas Child, this annual project collects millions of shoeboxes filled with goodies. These shoeboxes are then sent around the world to children living in poverty. Not only do these kids get a gift but also get to hear about God’s Love. Tuesday wraps up the national collection week. Our KiDS COR kids participated in OCC and we collected over 700 boxes!! This past Thursday we delivered the boxes to Colonial Presbyterian Church where they joined forces with another 1,000+ boxes. Last year over 7 million shoeboxes were collected!! It was pretty cool to pack shoeboxes that were going to end up halfway around the world. OCC is a fantastic mission project, check it out next November!



KiDS COR Interactive

Last weekend we went live with a new blog specifically designed for our KiDS COR families. This blog will have our memory verse, take homes pages, videos, and thoughts from our staff. I hope that this blog will be a tool for our families to connect and interact with KiDS COR outside of the weekend. I’m very excited about it! Please check it out and come back often I think this will be a great site!!

KiDS COR Interactive


That’s All Folks!

Well my grand dreams of posting an entry at the end of each Vacation Bible Camp day were shattered Tuesday night as I went to bed without an entry. It is now Saturday and I thought I would at least give a wrap up of our great week. Here are a few highlights for me….


  1. Seeing the kiddos reach their mission goal by collecting over $11,000 for Troost Elementary School in Kansas City. (The goal was $9,000)

1B. Hearing the stories of how kids raised this money during the week. Everything from Lemonade Stands to emptying pigging banks.

  1. Hanging out with the 4th & 5th graders during the afternoon session when I had a few free minutes
  2. For the first time ever KiDS COR used a lived feed during our large group teaching time!! How exciting.
  3. Hearing over 600 kids sing “How Great Is Our God” very powerful!
  4. Watching the amazing dramas each day.
  5. Getting “Rice Krispyed” on Friday afternoon.
  6. Enjoying some “Wedding Cake” on Friday. (Our lesson was on the parable of the wedding feast).


After months of hard work by A LOT of people, VBC is over until next year…it’s amazing to me how quickly the children’s wing is transformed from VBC central to the normal weekend set-up you see 95% of the time. (This happens in just a couple of hours!) VBC will be back in 2009 before we know it.


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