The UMC-Resurrection’s Solution

Just last week I sat in a meeting where strategies and action steps were planned out to address the leadership challenges facing the UMC (see previous posts). About a half dozen different strategies are being worked out right now. Some of these strategies are…1. Creating an event for those feeling called to ministry where they can explore that possible calling and next steps. 2. Being more intentional in allowing our upper elementary children to hear God’s call to ministry. 3. Creating a tracking system from 3rd grade on up where people are given the opportunity to hear God’s call and the church guides them through the process until they reach ordination. 4. Creating a Resurrection internship program that is intentional in helping interns discern their call to ministry and or seminary. 5. Preach a weekend sermon on God’s call in our lives.

Good stuff about to happen. I’m personally involved in step number 4 “Creating an Internship Program.”

I believe all these steps are the foundation to raising up a new generation of leaders. Still one challenge I see in all this is the fact that when people are called out from Church Of The Resurrection to another UMC the differences between Resurrection and most any other church is generally quite large. So the question is how do we equip our members to lead other churches who are very different from ours? I don’t have an answer to that one yet.

I’m very interested to see what happens and believe that Church of The Resurrection has the opportunity to make a huge difference in the UMC and in the lives of many people.


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