Each year the United Methodist Church of The Resurrection selects a few strategic priorities to focus on. This year I am on the team which has been given this task to “Raise Up a New Generation Of Pastoral Leaders For The United Methodist Church.” Specifically we are addressing the present and future leadership challenges in the UMC, we are going to figure out ways we can help young high capacity leaders to listen for God’s call into ordained ministry. Our hope is to prepare 100 young people to enter seminary before they turn 30 by the year 2020. Obviously we will not accomplish all of this in 2009 but we are beginning the process. The team that I’m involved in has 15-20 leaders from Resurrection both staff and lay leaders. Together we’ve developed strategies and action steps to start working toward achieving this goal. Over the next week or so I will post a series of posts on the United Methodist Church, the action steps we are taking to achieve these goals and some of my thoughts on all this. I have found it very interesting and very exciting and hope you’ll enjoy it!!


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Everything here represents my own opinion and not the opinion of The United Methodist Church of The Resurrection or The United Methodist Church. It's purely my own random thoughts.

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