To Vermont & Back

Last week I made a quick trip to Vermont (left on Wednesday, returned on Thursday). I made this trip to watch my brother play in the state semi-final basketball game. My brother is a senior in high school and this was going to be either his last or next to last high school game. It was great to watch him play (I had not seen him play in almost 3 years) and they won their game which made the trip even better!!! As I sat watching the game I began remembering the time that I played high school basketball and made the tournament and how fun those moments were…I was also hoping that my brother and his team would enjoy this moment. I’m sure these were games they won’t soon forget.

I think these moments are not only special but also can be very important. This is one of the reasons I believe children’s ministry is a pretty important ministry in the church. I think when you are able to create positive memorable moments with your kids in your ministry that these moments have the opportunity to shape who these kids grow up to be. I have heard numerous stories of adults who are serving Christ talk about moments in their Sunday school class many years ago and how that moment shaped the person they are today. I’ve also heard the opposite where bad memories in Sunday school have directly influenced why adults stayed away from the church down the road or served as the reason they did not return as quickly. I always hope that I am creating those positive moments every week for the kids in my church.


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